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Why do we give thanks?

Why do we give thanks?       

🚨For us, GivingThanks is more than thanking God for the obvious things and his goodness.
We GiveThanks in every moment, big or small. We give praise and glory to God for all of the things we are blessed with and able to do through His gifts. 

Instead of saying, “thank you” when someone thanks us for a deed, we say “GiveThanks” as a way to attribute the glory back to the Father instead of us. 

We are the vessels, He is really the one doing whatever you “see” us doing. Apart from Him we can do nothing. 

We GiveThanks to the Father for the shared perspective from our dear friends, Natty & Brim.

GiveThanks November. Join us in giving back all month!

We started GiveThanks November to donate supplies, and winter essential products to non-profit organizations around the country.
Your support helps make more giving possible! We Give Thanks! As such, all Give Thanks items are on SALE this entire month. The majority of ALL profits will be donated. We will be revealing organizations donated to throughout the month. 

We started giving back last year by attending a local charity event to give back before our company acquired a dime. In fact, our company was in -debt. Despite the challenges, we kept God First because He always provides. We invested a ton of our personal savings into our brand to keep it afloat and God made sure we were taken care of.

Amidst a global pandemic, God has provided exceedingly and abundantly! When the pandemic hit, all of our plans changed but God had better plans. 
This year God has made it possible for us to give more. So, we Give Thanks and invite you all to participate! 

Your Support✅ 
Everything we have comes from God. Your support contributes to our annual giving in addition to our personal time, talent, and treasure. Yes, we also give using our personal finances. That should not be surprising for a small business. We don’t make a lot of money but God’s glory and love prevail overall. Give Thanks for what you have and give a portion to those less fortunate!

💡How can you help? 

-Purchase GiveThanks item (s) for yourself; we donate $

-Purchase GiveThanks or Winter Essential items for donations.

-Tag and share this message with others.

-Do you have a cause or organization you think we should donate to? 
Let us know! 

We GiveThanks for you that allows us to support those in need for the glory of God.
We appreciate you, 
Alain & Lachelle at God First Apparel

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