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1 order = 10🌱🌲Planted

New Partnership: 1 Sale = 10 trees 🌱🌲Planted!



1 Sale = 10 trees 🌱🌲Planted!

We have a new partnership to help us and YOU be the hands & feet of Jesus in a way that changes lives forever! 

This is an awesome way to celebrate Earth day(today). We are committing to match the first 1,000 trees planted by May 31st! 

We are passionate about ways to serve however we can. This partnership secures tree planting that alleviates extreme poverty, provides food security, jobs for local planters, and aids in reforestation for a better living environment and cleaner oxygen. Save lives & the planet. 

Eden Reforestation Projects covers 8 different countries/regions: Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

We are excited about this long-term partnership because one of our co-founders, Alain, is from Haiti and this is an opportunity for us to give back to his home country. With 59% of the country’s population living in poverty, the majority of the planting in Haiti is Agroforestry. “Agro community forests support food security in poverty-stricken areas. Planting includes species of citrus, mango, papaya, and moringa trees''(Eden Reforestation Project). 

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