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Here's what we have given so far:


2020 has been a difficult year but God has created beauty in it for His glory.
We GiveThanks because this year we have a full list of non-profit organizations to GIVE to. 
Last year we could only afford to donate $25 to PATH, Inc with a company in -debt.
This year God changed that and we donated $261.25! We also donated $369 worth of GFA merch to SeaCoast Christian school!
There are several other organizations we are donating to for GiveThanks November. We give all year but this month is special. Join us! 

Learn more about #GiveThanksNovember & how you can HELP on previous our God First blog blogs.

-Do you have a cause or organization you think we should donate to? 
Let us know!

We Give Thanks! Your support allows us to glorify God and help those in need.
We appreciate you, 
Alain & Lachelle at God First Apparel

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