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Fun Fact Fridays! “Do you like math?”

Fun Fact Fridays! “Do you like math?”

Fun Fact Fridays! “Do you like math?” 

The plan is to include a fun fact about the bible, our company/ministry, us, other related topics and persons every Friday that it is possible to do so. This week is about how we met 11 years ago.

My wife Lachelle and I met in highschool over 11 years ago. She was looking for a math tutor with the main qualification being a love for math. She "randomly" saw me and asked that fateful question, “Do you like math?” Of course I loved math and helping people so I became her tutor and our long friendship began. She had no intention of dating me at the time and I wasn't exactly looking for a relationship either. We became good friends and I randomly texted her morning bible verses throughout highschool.
We didn’t go to prom or any of the typical highschool events together, but we spent time on our work, getting to know each other, talking about our hopes, dreams, vision for the future, and God wherever possible.

Long story short, we didn’t know what God had in mind for us. We had no idea we would be madly in love with and serving each other, but we respected one another and had a friendly relationship. Now 11 years later here we are in our second year of marriages and business together glorifying the Father above.

If you have any prayer request, be sure to let us know. 

Remember to Keep God First, and Tell the Nations
From our hearts to Yours, 
Alain & Lachelle

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  • Trust God through the process in the pathway of life.

    - Will Black

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