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Flag Day SALE! Celebrate your TIME & Freedom!

Flag Day SALE! Celebrate your TIME & Freedom!

Our Flag Day Weekend SALE is live now with Savings just for you!🇺🇸

Use code: 7420.  SALE lasts until 7/5/21. 

Our Modern-day evangelism tools start conversations that prioritize GOD FIRST & make disciples of All Nations. 

 The BlackJes watches are uniquely handcrafted natural wood and stainless steel timepieces that intertwine faith, culture, and primo style. The BlackJes brand name represents our historic family names combined.

Time is a gift from God, steward it well.

📢 Every order Plants 10 🌱🌲 to support families around the world.

If you have any prayer request, be sure to let us know.
Remember to Keep God First, and Tell the Nations!
From our hearts to Yours, 
God First Nation Co.™

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