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🚨 🌍 The REBRAND announced.🌍 🚨

🚨 🌍 The REBRAND announced.🌍 🚨

On March 1, 2021, God First Apparel will become God First Nation Co.™ 


🌍 Reintroducing Who we are:
We are a husband/wife duo, veteran, & black-owned company and ministry. We recently celebrated the 2-year anniversary of our marriage & business. Yes, we were making wedding and business plans at the same time; getting married and launching a business at the same time. A word for that: exhausting! That’s a long story for another day. We Givethanks for the journey and mission God has entrusted us with. God First Nation Co.™ is a testament to our faith and testimony. We would not be who we are without keeping God First & sharing the message with you. It’s our take on modern-day evangelism. 

🌍 Our New Mission: 
We've expanded our mission beyond inspiring others to believe and keep God First. We’ve included a guideline that helps ALL NATIONS of believers make an impact with the practical application of the why and how of our mission. 

  1. What we believe: Seek First the Kingdom of God & His righteousness...(Matthew 6:33)
  2. Why we believe: Kingship belongs to the Lord & He rules over ALL NATIONS. (Psalm 22:28) 
  3. How to apply it: Make disciples of ALL NATIONS...(Matthew 28:19)

🌍 Our Vision
We believe the practical application of our mission will draw others to believe. We are more than a brand, we are a service-minded ministry. Join us in making disciples of ALL NATIONS. 

We look forward to expanding our reach through national & international partnerships to be the hands & feet throughout the world.  

🌍 This is the start of something new. We are excited to introduce more news and inventory on March 1st & beyond! 
🌍 Your support is greatly appreciated and goes a long way towards Gods’ Nation.  

From our hearts to yours💞
-The Co-founders,
Alain & Lachelle

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