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⌚Introducing our BlackJes watch Collection! 

⌚Introducing our BlackJes watch Collection! 

Our BlackJes wooden watches are uniquely handcrafted timepieces that intertwine faith, culture, and primo style. The BlackJes brand name represents our historic family names combined. 

If you’re one of our older supporters, you’d know we have been hinting at a new product launch since the end of last year. It’s been months off long hours creating, designing and perfecting all of the details. It has been a long process and this is only the beginning!

Without further ado---The first installment of our BlackJes watch Collection is Live! 

You all are in for a treat because, yes, ‘the first installment’ does mean there are more to come. We will be releasing new watches with a variety of different designs all week! 

None of this would be possible without God’s grace. We Givethanks. We have a testimony that got us to this point in our branding & it continues to build. We pray you all enjoy the journey with us. Your support means a lot. 


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